Stamp Loyalty

We are a leading global provider of loyalty and rewards technology. Our digital loyalty solutions help businesses and brands all over the world.

Our story

The inspiration for Stamp Me came around in 2011, when our founders, Alan and Shannon, were discussing the inconvenience of paper punch cards over a coffee. Shannon kept all of his loyalty cards in a shoe box at home, which meant he never had them on him, which didn’t serve him or the business very well. Alan didn’t pick them up because he didn’t want to carry them. Noticing that there was a clear lack of digital loyalty solutions in the market, Alan and Shannon developed the Stamp Me loyalty app as a way to make loyalty programs more convenient and technologically advanced.

Since then, Stamp Me has steadily expanded into a large international business, with thousands of merchants, franchises and brands around the world using our loyalty technology as a means to engage, attract and retain their customers.

Whether it’s a simple “Buy X, Get Y Free” loyalty model or a highly interactive customised rewards app with countless functions and features, Stamp Me approaches every client as a unique, individual case and provides the most ideal loyalty solutions for their specific needs.