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A simple and modern alternative to the traditional stamp card

Our loyalty platform provides small businesses with all the tools and technology needed to strengthen customer loyalty, increase customer retention and grow.

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Technology has finally called time on old paper loyalty cards

The Stamp Me loyalty app links your loyal customers to their transaction, while also allowing your customers to earn and keep track of their loyalty points directly from their smartphone.

Simple stamp card app, powerful loyalty platform

The Stamp Me app allows your business to understand, engage and communicate directly with your customers, providing you with valuable data and insights into your loyalty activity.

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Simple to use

It’s just like a loyalty card, but managed digitally through our loyalty card app.

Easy to set up

No complicated POS integrations, software or hardware required.

Try it free!

If a digital punchstamp card is not for you, cancel your trial and pay nothing!

Why Stamp Me?

We’re more than just a loyalty card app...

Customer Data

Full access to your customer data, including names, email addresses and phone numbers (if provided).


Communicate directly with your customers through Push Notifications or SMS.


Build hype around your loyalty program and get customers with Scratch & Win games.


Integrate your loyalty program with email or CRM platforms, including Mailchimp.

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