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Our innovative receipt scanning technology and solutions help brands seamlessly validate transactions across a retail network, whilst discovering valuable basket insights.

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Receipt scanning first and zero party data collection

Extract™ is an automated receipt capture and extraction platform that allows brands to operate receipt upload campaigns to seamlessly validate purchases, whilst gathering a wealth of transactional (first party) and customer provided (zero party) data. The Extract receipt engine can be linked into existing platforms and interfaces via APIs, or we can design and build own-branded campaign interfaces. We will craft a solution according to your needs.

How it works

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The receipt engine logic is configurable to set specific rules for each campaign. These rules can be based on any combination of product, price, keywords, location, retailer and date.

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Receipts can be submitted through a webpage, mobile app, SMS or email. Stamp Loyalty can provide front-end development services if required.

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Our receipt engine then automatically extracts the OCR text on the receipt and validates the receipt based on the configured rules.

Why Receipt Scanning?

Receipt processing offers a huge benefits for brands and end customers.

Fuel personalized marketing

Access to receipt data enables brands to get to analyse customer shopping behaviours and provide highly personalised customer experiences.

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Level up with first and
zero party data

Receipt data in combination with consumer age, location, interests, preferences etc (when collected) allows for building distinct customer profiles, which is incredibly powerful.

Create direct customer relationships

Creating one-to-one relationships with end customers can be a huge challenge for brands, especially when products are sold through an intermediary. Extract helps to bridge this gap.

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Integrate with your
CRM or CDP platforms

Grow your databases like never before! The captured receipt data can be directly integrated into your marketing stack including your CRM or CDP platforms.

Save time and
administrative costs

In the past, brands have had to manually review, filter and approve receipts in order to operate a receipt upload campaign. Extract takes care of that for you, so you can focus your time and budget elsewhere.

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Provide outstanding customer experiences

In most cases, the Extract receipt processing engine can approve or reject receipts automatically, providing an incredibly fast turnaround. Where receipts cannot be instantly validated, we provide a moderated service (where we have a member of our team assess the receipt).

Much more than just OCR

This is not a simple OCR tool, Extract provides extraction, machine and human based learning, dynamic rule application with automatic and moderated decision making. This allows for operating campaigns, competitions and reward programs like never before.

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Build a solution with our optional services

If you're looking for more than just receipt processing, we provide a full suite of solutions.

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Digital vouchers

Gift cards

Merch fulfilment

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Prize draws


Instant prizes

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Push & SMS

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Data Analytics

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