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We've rebranded to Stamp Loyalty Solutions!

Written by 
Michaela Ward
June 9, 2022

We are very excited to announce that we’ve rebranded with a new name, look and two websites! 

Firstly, we’ve evolved from ‘Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions’ to ‘Stamp Loyalty Solutions’ - dropping the ‘Me’ - or you can simply call us ‘Stamp Loyalty’.

This name change is a part of our strategy targeted to show exactly who we are today, our growth, and to help us create a strong presence as a global provider of Enterprise loyalty solutions.

Over the past five years, we experienced significant growth within the Enterprise market with our custom loyalty and rewards solutions, so we felt we needed to separate our Enterprise loyalty solutions from our loyalty platform, Stamp Me, to give our corporate brand its own identity.

Previously our logo was centred around our Stamp Me product, which is a punch-card app used by businesses all over the world. However, these days we do so much more than just operating our subscription loyalty program.

We designed new logos for both Stamp Me and Stamp Loyalty, both of which reflect a more modern look and use colour to differentiate between the solutions.

New Stamp Loyalty Solutions logo

New Stamp Me Product logo

What else is new?

We’ve also refreshed our typeface, colors and illustrations to a more modern look to match our logo, as well as (I know - we've been busy!):

  • Launched a new corporate website which provides an overview of our suite of solutions; Stamp Me and custom. It includes a new blog focused on all things loyalty marketing for brands and an ebooks and guides section is coming soon.
  • Redesigned our Stamp Me website which will make it easier to find information and helpful resources about our Stamp Me product. It’s also super speedy and will give visitors a better user experience.
  • Undergone a makeover of our Stamp Me SaaS product, including a refreshed user interface for our Merchant Console and Stamp Me app, and created a new Help Center.
  • Developed new marketing resources to help businesses effortlessly promote their loyalty program on Stamp Me. These can be found in our Brandfolder.

How we got here

Whilst the Stamp Me loyalty platform is still a leader in the market and used by merchants globally, our expansion into providing bespoke loyalty and rewards solutions has grown into a substantial part of our business. Some of our custom app clients include Samsung, Zoetis, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Alcon and MSD.

Additionally, we’ve seen an increase in demand for our Stamp Me product, warranting an update of the user interfaces to improve user experience.

Since the beginning, simplicity has been a core part of our business. It’s in everything we do and is what has always differentiated us - we hope our new branding makes this value shine.

What’s next for us

This rebrand is the first step in a much larger journey for Stamp Loyalty. We’re currently working on a new campaign platform for brands, and undergoing a major rebuild of our Stamp Me platform to add some pretty awesome new features.

The team have been busy off-site too. This month, Alan and Michaela from our leadership team are attending London Technology Week in the UK, as well as the International Loyalty Awards Gala night, where we’re finalists in the ‘Best Loyalty Industry Innovation’ category for our QV Rewards program and our very own, Michaela Ward (Head of Marketing) won the 30 under 40 Loyalty Royalty Award!

It’s exciting times for us and indeed the loyalty space! We hope you’ll follow along with our journey.

Visit or to explore the new websites, branding and product design.

Stamp Me provides loyalty solutions to businesses large and small, from our own Loyalty App to fully customised loyalty and rewards programs for enterprises and brands.

Contact us if you would like to discuss a loyalty or rewards solution for your business or brand.

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