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Receipt Scanning

Bravecto Rewards

Bravecto Rewards is a digital loyalty program designed to reward pet owners for treating their pets with Bravecto Plus or Bravecto Chew. The pet owners can earn stars towards a free dose of selected Bravecto products by scanning and uploading their purchase receipts.

Bravecto Rewards

Brand Summary

Bravecto is a brand of MSD Animal Health, which develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines that effectively protect pets from dangerous diseases and parasites.

The Brief

MSD Animal Health approached Stamp Loyalty Solutions to design and build a digital loyalty program to replace their existing paper loyalty card program. 

In addition to benefiting pet owners by providing free product and providing value to vet clinics by driving loyalty in clinic, the program also needed to make the reward redemption process more seamless for all involved. The system needed to be able to digitally track redemptions in real-time, so that MSD would be able to easily access redemption reports to arrange stock reimbursement to each of the clinics.

It was important that the program is easy to understand for pet owners to undersatnd and for clinic staff to introduce to their customers. The process of joining the program, earning stars and redeeming rewards had to be simple and easy for all involved.

Key Objectives

  • Reward pet owners for using Bravecto products to treat their pets
  • Drive customer loyalty in vet clinics
  • Encourage vet clinics to join the program and introduce the program to their customers
  • Stand out over competitors
  • Push sales of Bravecto Chew & Bravecto Plus products
  • Provide vet clinics with insight into the program performance and activity
  • Provide a direct communication channel with end customers
  • Reduce administrative time and costs, particularly in regards to reward stock reimbursement
  • Make it easier to get new clinics onto the program

Our Solution:

Bravecto Rewards

Three interfaces were built for the program. One for the pet owners (mobile app), another for the vet clinics (web-enabled console) and another for MSD staff (web-enabled console).

To earn stars, pet owners are required to upload a photo of their purchase receipt through the mobile app (this can also be done by clinic staff on behalf of pet owners via the clinic console). Every time 4 stars are earned on a reward card, a FREE DOSE voucher is issued for that product. This is redeemable at the vet clinic where it was earned.

To redeem rewards, pet owners are required to scan a QR code held by the vet in order to validate the redemption. This information is recorded and available to MSD in redemption reports.

In addition to developing the interfaces and program logic, Stamp Loyalty provides an ongoing managed service for recept processing and program-related customer support. We also produce detailed reports on a regular basis to provide MSD insight into pet owner purchase behaviours and activity.

Bravecto Rewards App Overview

The Bravecto Rewards app is a native mobile application that is available on Android and Apple. 

Features & Functions:

  • Upload receipts
  • View stamp card status
  • View program history
  • Reward vouchers (Free Dose)
  • Create pet profiles
  • Setup treatment reminders
  • View messages
  • Program polices and company info

Bravecto Rewards Clinic Console Overview

The Bravecto Rewards clinic console is a web-enabled platform that is used by veterinary clinics for managing their program and viewing program performance. 

Features & Functions:

  • Complete overview of programs performance.
  • Access to all pet owner data collected from the app-based program including sign ups, uploads, stars and redemptions.
  • Create and edit pet owner profiles that directly updates to the pet owner app.
  • Upload and review pet owner purchase receipts.
  • Monitor stock and product redemptions.
Bravecto Rewards

Bravecto Rewards Admin Console

The Bravecto Rewards admin console is a  web-enabled platform that is used MSD’s staff to administer the program. 

Features & Functions:

  • View all clinics on the program
  • Activate new clinics onto the program
  • Download and generate clinic redemption QR codes
Bravecto Rewards


Through the Bravecto Rewards program, MSD Animal Health has been able to: 

  • Reduce program administration costs for the business
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Establish a direct channel to engage with its end customers
  • Reminder pet owners when their pet is due for treatment which drives repeat purchases
  • Provide value and build relationships with vet clinics by driving retention and loyalty

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