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Citycards Global

Citycards Global provides a convenient solution to tourists who wish to explore a city’s most hidden gems and thrilling adventures, all accessible from an incredibly user-friendly mobile app!

Citycards Global

Brand Summary

Citycards Global offers independent travellers an in-depth and fulfilling experience of a city’s greatest offerings as if they’d been planning their itinerary for months – but all they need to do is arrive, download the app, purchase the city card with the click of a button, and start enjoying their holiday.

This one-stop-shop for all of Melbourne’s hidden gems and enticing adventures is also extremely beneficial to local businesses that depend on tourism in order to thrive. The city cards concept a is win-win.

Citycards Global is currently available in Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast.

The Brief

City Cards Global approached Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions to build a fully functional mobile app that would be at the core of the business.

The app needed to be efficient, reliable and user-friendly on all fronts.

Target Market

Specifically, the app is for tourists who:

  • only have a short amount of time to enjoy a city’s best offerings (perhaps on a business trip or extended stopover)
  • are independent travellers (that is, travellers who organise their own travel bookings and arrangements rather than opting for travel agencies and third party booking service providers)

Key Objectives

  • Offline ticket and barcode generation: Automatically-generated tickets to attractions needed to be accessible offline, so that tourists with no internet access on their devices can still make impromptu decisions about which attractions to visit throughout the day.
  • Convenience for both the local businesses and the customer: Ticket redemption needed to be as convenient, straightforward and ultimately painless as possible for the business owners and their employees, as well as the traveler.
  • Real-time data collection of customers’ whereabouts and activity preferences: The mobile app needed location tracking capabilities so that travellers can receive real-time push notifications suggesting they visit nearby attractions in which they’re entitled to a discount or free ticket, or to send reminders about other attractions.

For instance, if someone is walking around Darling Harbour in the afternoon, they will get a notification to visit the Blue Mountain’s XYZ attraction the next day, along with a suggested itinerary, mode of transport, and other necessary details.

Our Solution:

Citycards Global

Stamp Me worked with Citycards Global to develop a state-of-the-art mobile app that not only achieves all of the requirements, but goes above and beyond customers’ expectations of a user-friendly app experience.

To use Melbourne as an example, things like Eureka Skydeck (usually $23), one-hour river cruise down the Yarra (usually $25), Melbourne Zoo (usually $37) or MCG (usually $25) are all free with the Melbourne City Card.

This saves tourists the hassle of having to organise tickets with these attractions individually.

Similarly, the customer can present the digital card at various tourist businesses, bars, restaurants and more to receive a generous discount.

  • Users download the app and can purchase a city card online, or sign in with a unique code, then select their city.
  • Users gain access to various attractions, free travel between attractions via the Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus, and many discounts.
  • User generates a ticket for access to each attraction. The ticket is then shown to the vendor at the time of entrance.

Citycards Global
Citycards Global


Citycards Global is a remarkably simple and convenient system, for both the customer and local tourism-based businesses.

It removes the need to carry paper tickets and physical cards around, while saving the customer valuable time on doing in-depth research on a city and what to do there.

Since launching the mobile app, Citycards Global has received incredibly positive feedback from customers who have enjoyed using the app for their holidays to Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast.

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