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Receipt Scanning

QV Rewards

QV Rewards is a digital loyalty program that requires customers to upload a photo of their purchase receipt in order to earn cashback rewards. The data collected from the program provides invaluable customer insights into the brand.

QV Rewards

Brand Summary

QV is Australia’s no. 1 skincare brand* exclusively in chemists. Their wide variety of skincare products, including their Body, Face and Baby ranges, are sold in thousands of Pharmacies across Australia. 

The extremes of the Australian climate call for the utmost expertise and care when it comes to sensitive Skincare, and QV remains one of the leading brands recommended by Australian doctors, pharmacists and dermatologists for a range of mild to chronic skin conditions.

A subsidiary of Ego Pharmaceuticals, the QV Brand is focused on supporting everyday Australians and the health of their skin. 

*IQVIA, National Australian Pharmacy Sell-Out Sales, Therapeutic Skincare.

The Brief

QV approached Stamp Loyalty Solutions to develop and build a platform to operate their new loyalty program that would help in their mission to reward everyday Australians for caring for their skin with QV. 

They wanted a straightforward, easy and automated system for validating transactions and awarding loyalty tokens to customers. 

QV was also looking for a way to create a direct connection with their customers (given that the brand that sells products through intermediaries) and to use the platform to increase customer engagement, while simultaneously rewarding loyalty and driving customer retention.

Key Objectives

  • Reward loyalty consistently over all their pharmacy locations
  • Provide extra value to customers and retail partners 
  • Automatically award loyalty tokens based on customer spend
  • Drive repeat purchase, as well as attract new customers to the brand
  • Implement an efficient system for managing cashback rewards
  • Promote products and seasonal competitions for further rewards
  • Flexible configuration for marketing campaigns
  • Track the growth of the QV Brand
  • Easy to use and fun loyalty program
  • Capture data for extensive end user customer insights
  • Engage with these customers through the platform

Our Solution:

QV Rewards

The QV Rewards program operates on a native mobile application called ‘My QV Rewards’ which is available on both apple and android devices. 

Customers are instructed upload a photo of their receipt through the app in order to validate purchases. Stamp Loyalty’s receipt scanning technology then reads the values on the receipt and allocates stamps based on spend amounts. 

The loyalty engine is programmed to automatically award members 1 stamp for every $5 spent on QV products, except for when there are promotions running (such as the double stamp offer upon sign up, or double/bonus stamp promos that reward purchases of particular products or with a specific retailer).

For every 10 stamps collected, My QV members are eligible to redeem $5 Cash Back which is transferred into their nominated bank account. This progress is securely handled by the Stamp Loyalty team.

The app also contains a number of other functionalities and features designed to drive engagement and participation in the program. 

My QV Rewards App Overview

  • Upload receipts
  • Browse products
  • View program history
  • Redeem cashback rewards
  • Complete surveys
  • Refer friends
  • Program polices and company info

QV Rewards

Member Engagement

A combination of both in-store and online marketing techniques have been used to drive awareness of the program among existing and potential customers. 

Double stamps in the 1st month of signup

To incentivise member registrations, all new QV members customers will automatically receive double stamps for purchases made within their first month of sign up. 

This continues to been an effective strategy for onboarding customers and driving purchases within the 1st month.

Targeted promotions

QV regularly runs competitions and promotions to drive signups and accelerate sales. These can be based on specific criteria, such as purchasing a particular product, product product range or purchases made with a specific retailer.

  • An example of a product specific promotion is a $5 instant cashback reward for purchasing a 1kg product.
  • An example of a product range promotion is double stamps for purchasing any product in the QV Baby range.
  • An example of a retailer specific promotion is a $5,000 cash prize for any purchases made in a Chemist Warehouse store.

All of these rules are programmable in the system and automatically applies once the receipt has been validated.

Survey rewards

Members are rewarded with bonus stamps for completing surveys. These surveys can be targeted at specific customer cohorts segmented by zero party and purchase data.

Referral rewards

Members are rewarded with bonus stamps for successfully referring new members to the program.

Stamp Loyalty provides campaign management and marketing services as part of our solution.

Data & Reporting

The data collected from receipt scanning provides QV with extremely valuable insights into their customer’s purchase behaviours combined with zero party data that the user provides as part of their registration.

Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions has created a Reporting Dashboard that summarises and visualises the trends and insights uncovered with the growing amount of information collected.

A few insights that QV has been revealed to QV include: 

  • % brand basket spend
  • Avg. total spend per transaction
  • What else in their customer baskets
  • Most popular times & dates of transactions
  • Avg. units purchased in a transaction
  • Which products are purchased together in the same transaction

Connected to Live data, the QV team can access these stats for any date period, which allows for effective internal reporting.

Additionally, QV can also run surveys targeted at specific customer cohorts to gather zero party data and combine this with purchase data.

QV Rewards


The My QV Rewards program was launched in February of 2021. Offered in over 3,000 chemists, pharmacies and drugstores around Australia, the number of signups of loyal QV customers increases on a daily basis. The program has won and been nominated for many awards.

As Cashback Rewards are earned and claimed, money goes back into the pockets of everyday Australians. In turn, the incentive for brand loyalty is consolidated and QV gains invaluable insights into their customers and how they can better care for their skin. It’s a win, win for everyone. 

Through the My QV Rewards Program, QV has been able to: 

  • Encourage repeat purchases through retaining and establishing brand loyalty
  • Reward customers consistently across all QV pharmacy retailers 
  • Build an individualised customer database automatically centralised through one channel. 
  • Establish a direct communication channel with customers for engagement and increased customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate internal administration of the program, with program administration provided by Stamp Me Loyalty Program 
  • Provide valuable customer insights back to the pharmacies about their customers, which improves QV’s relationship with their distributors

"Through the My QV Rewards loyalty program, we have been able to more effectively communicate and engage with our customers, as well as add incremental value to our retailer partners. Stamp Loyalty often goes above and beyond to bring insightful data, trends and ideas to the table to help build our marketing strategies and plan for the future success of the program."

Samatha Franklin

Senior Brand Manager at Ego Pharmaceuticals

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