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Ridley Rewards

For every complete transaction at participating supply stores stocking Ridley brands, customers earn a stamp. Upon collecting five stamps, customers are awarded an in-app discount voucher for $10 off a future purchase.

Ridley Rewards

Brand Summary

Ridley AgriProducts is Australia’s leading provider of high performance animal nutrition solutions.

The company is engaged in the production and marketing of animal nutrients, ingredients and feeds for the production of food for livestock. Ridley has been an integral part of Australian agriculture for almost 30 years, building strong partnerships with suppliers, customers and local communities.

Ridley cares for all farmers, from the farmers working the huge pastoral farms of Northern Australia, to the backyard hobbyists, to entrepreneurs, to the enthusiasts.

Its major feed brands include Barastoc, Cobber, Rumevite and Primo, which are distributed in over 3000 outlets. Ridley’s products provide complete rations, mineral concentrates, nutritional blocks and supplements to meet the needs of a wide range of species, including dairy cows, poultry, pig, beef, horses, sheep and dogs, at all stages of life.

The Brief

Ridley approached Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions to develop and build a custom loyalty rewards platform as a marketing tool to help retain, understand, engage and communicate with its customers.

Key Objectives

  • Quick and easy to activate and implement across a large national network of stores
  • Facilitate a stronger and enriched relationship with its supply partners and consumers
  • Capture data for extensive end user customer insights and management reporting
  • Create a platform to enable partner promotions and new revenue generating opportunities
  • Provide a communication platform to directly promote products, events, information and news

Our Solution:

Ridley Rewards

Ridley’s loyalty rewards program, known as R3, is promoted online and throughout its partner supply stores. A range of marketing collateral was created to build awareness including displays, posters and tear-offs. The end customers (typically farmers and rural folk!) download the application on their phone and are awarded stamps for each complete transaction. Ridley also use the platform for seasonal promotions for specific brands within its portfolio.

The base program is very simple. For every complete transaction at participating supply stores stocking Ridley brands, customers earn a stamp. Upon collecting five stamps, customers are awarded an in-app discount voucher for $10 off a future purchase.

The whole process is very transparent for the customer, in that they see the connection between the spend (the action), the transaction history and the reward.

Campaign Example #1

To build additional engagement in the R3 program and promote various brands within its portfolio, Ridley also introduced a range of targeted short-term promotions around different products and seasons.

'Eggsplosive' Campaign

Ridley introduced a Summer Promotion with the objective to stock up on chicken feed using gamification.

Customers with the Ridley App were offered a digital Scratch & Win card after purchasing any two bags of any Barastoc Poultry Feed in a single transaction at participating supply outlets.

Goals of the Campaign

  • Drive sales volume (upsell) in key seasonal selling period
  • Drive repeat purchase - $x off the next purchase
  • Drive excitement and engagement around the brand in a crowded market - with the “Chance to Win”


The in-app Scratch & Win card would offer the customer a range of prizes including:

  • $2-off the next purchase
  • Instant gift cards ranging in value from $250 to $500
  • A chance to win a major $10,000 Visa Gift Card

Ridley Rewards

Campaign Example #2

'Hardworking Sole' Campaign

Ridley also introduced a promotion around its dog food brands.

The mechanics were very simple.

Purchase any Cobber Working Dog, Puppy, Country Dog or Lazy Aussie Dog at any participating retailer.

Through the app, snap a photo of your “hardworking sole” on the panel in the store and upload the picture and an image of the receipt to enter the draw. Images lend themselves to social media!

The prize pool included $7500 worth of vouchers for R.M Williams (a premium boot).

Goals of the Campaign

  • Build brand awareness
  • Build brand engagement (with a bit of fun!) by uploading images of your shoe. Hardworking sole…. Do you get it?
  • Customer insight and analytics for the brand (who, what, when, where) and to understand the customer basket.

Campaign Example #3

Spring into Summer Rewards

Ridley introduced its Spring into Summer Rewards promotion in 2018.


Purchase any eligible Ridley packaged product at any participating retailer displaying promotional point of sale material in a single transaction. Customers would open the app and place their phone on the R3 Hub to validate their transaction.

Goals of the Campaign

  • Support its sales channels by introducing customers and build awareness around the R3 loyalty rewards program
  • Support sales of products in the promotion
  • Encourage customers to switch from competing brands to Ridley branded products


  • $1,000 Barbeques Galore gift card
  • $1,000 Boating Camping Fishing (BCF) gift card
  • $1,000 Bunnings gift card
  • $1,000 JB Hi-Fi gift card
  • $500 EFTPOS card
  • $500 Apple gift card

Campaign Example #4

Cobber Keeps Tails Wagging

Ridley introduced its Cobber Keeps Tails Wagging Promotion in 2019 to raise awareness of the Cobber brand and highlight that it is more than just Cobber Working Dog.


Purchase any 2 x 20 bags of Cobber Country Dog or Cobber Lazy Aussie Dog and receive a branded windscreen wagger (dog tail). A small upfront reward is always a great way to onboard.

Entrants were also given the chance to win 1 of 3 branded instant prizes.

Goals of the Campaign

  • Raise awareness of the Cobber brand and highlight that it is more than just Cobber Working Dog
  • Encourage current non-customers to trial Country Dog or LAD and potentially convert to ongoing customers
  • Encourage lapsed users of these products to re-trial and reconsider them
  • Increase sales of Cobber Country Dog and LAD
  • Get stores behind this sales promotion and to increase their range of the Cobber companion products
  • Increase uptake of the R3 Loyalty Rewards program


  • Customised socks
  • Cobber Dog Food
  • Customised Bobble Head

Ridley Rewards


The main advantage of the R3 program is that it has built a marketing platform to directly engage with its end customers. Whilst Ridley could easily create a large scale advertising program to build awareness of its brands, the problem is that it’s a one-off, using external channels that it has no control over. Mass advertising is also very expensive – particularly once you include production costs.

Through the R3 program, Ridley was able to:

  • Encourage repeat purchase from a growing database of brand advocates
  • Support its partner distributors of Ridley branded products
  • Raise awareness of its brands with ad-hoc promotional campaigns
  • Build intelligence around its customers. This includes what and where the products are bought, by whom and when. Ridley is also able to gain additional granular information such as the types of devices its customers use, date and time transactions occur, are they open to push notifications, etc.
  • Establish a direct communication channel with customers. Using the gained intelligence, messages can be customised to be relevant for the different customer cohorts. ie. brand advocates, lapsed, etc.

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