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Receipt Scanning

Sunrise Records

Club Sunrise by Canadian entertainment giants Sunrise Records, is a customised receipt scanning app where customers are rewarded for their in-store purchases.

Sunrise Records

Brand Summary

Sunrise Records is one of Canada’s leading record store chains, with more than 80 locations across the country.

Since opening in Toronto in 1977, Sunrise Records has steadily expanded its range to include a wide variety of music from all genres (including independent local artists) on CD and vinyl, as well as DVD’s, books, games, electronics, merchandise and apparel.

The record store chain sold more than half a million vinyl LP’s in 2017 alone, and has recently announced plans to expand into the United States.

The Brief

Sunrise Records approached Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions with aspirations to develop and build a digital loyalty platform in both English and French that would reward customers for repeat purchases of products.

Their vision was to retain more customers, drive more sales and create a loyal community around the Sunrise Records brand.

Key Objectives

The primary goals that Sunrise Records strived to achieve with the digital loyalty program were to:

  • Encourage higher brand engagement and repeat purchases with rewards
  • Provide the means for direct and targeted communication with customers for increased brand engagement
  • Promote products, events, news and information
  • Encourage higher participation in contests and competitions
  • Create a personalised customer experience for in-store shoppers
  • Facilitate a stronger tie-in relationship between customers and their favourite musicians
  • Capture data for extensive end-user customer insights
  • Provide high-level security and cross-check on stamp issuance and redemptions
  • Quick and easy deployment and implementation across a large network and multiple locations
  • Save on manual administration time and costs
  • Offer a program in multiple languages - English and French

Our Solution:

Sunrise Records

Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions developed a custom-branded digital loyalty app called Club Sunrise.

Customers are able to collect stamps by uploading a photo of their receipt and can redeem rewards at any Sunrise Records store.

Seeing as Sunrise Records has many locations (often with several stores in a single city), the record store chain needed a loyalty program that could operate across the entire network, so that a customer could accrue points for purchases made in multiple stores.

The app is also available in dual languages – English and French.

The signup process is simple and straightforward; customers download the app, register, and they’re good to go. Each new member is instantly rewarded with 5% off their next purchase (which is also heavily promoted, as it’s highly effective in converting non-members to members).

From there, customers make purchases the same as they normally would, and then upload a photo of their receipt into the Club Sunrise app.

Our loyalty validation technology analyses the receipt and automatically adds a stamp to the customer’s account for every $20 spent.

Once the customer fills their stamp card, they receive a digital in-app voucher for $5 off their next purchase.

Members are also eligible for a $100 gift card draw every month, as well as being treated to double stamp days and other exciting promotions.

The Club Sunrise app is heavily promoted on the Sunrise Records website, social media channels and in-store, thus ensuring that existing customers are quickly made aware of it.

Sunrise Records
Sunrise Records


By providing customers with a convenient mobile app solution, Sunrise Records has managed to reward customers for repeat purchases in such a way that requires very little maintenance from the brand, and very little commitment from the customer.

The Club Sunrise loyalty app has allowed Sunrise Records to:

  • Increase brand engagement and customer retention
  • Hone in on targeted marketing sent directly to members’ devices
  • Offer an exciting customer experience through special promotions, Scratch & Win gaming functions and industry news
  • Close the gap between brand and customer
  • Gain highly valuable insight into customer behaviour for marketing purposes

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