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Case Study: Citycards Global Mobile App

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November 11, 2019

At Stamp Me, we’re always creating new and innovative digital platform solutions for companies big and small.Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions recently partnered with Citycards Global to develop a platform to enable tourists to explore a city, its major attractions as well its most hidden gems on an interactive mobile app. The platform also included a back end portal for administering the programs.


citycards global app developer

Citycards Global is a free mobile app, available on Apple or Android, that smartphone users can download in order to access a highly interactive guide to best attractions, hidden restaurants, invigorating tours and other delights in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast.Citycards Global offers independent travellers an in-depth and fulfilling experience of a city’s greatest offerings, as if they’d been planning their itinerary for months.ll they need to do is arrive in the city, download the app, purchase a city card with a few clicks of a button, and start enjoying all the experiences a city has to offer.Here are the highlights of the Melbourne Citycard:- Free Entry to Unlimited Attractions- Exclusive Deals on Restaurants and Bars- Free travel for 72 hours onHop-on Hop-off bus- Discounts on Adventure Sports

  • Savings of up to $500

Tourists can choose to purchase either a two-day or three-day city card….

city card purchase options

Citycards Global is currently available in Australian cities: Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Sydney. Learn more about the Melbourne Citycard here.


Citycards Global Mobile App

Users download the app and can purchase a city card online, or sign in with a unique code.

Citycards Global Mobile App

Select city.

Citycards Global Mobile App

Free access to various attractions, free travel between attractions, and many discounts.

Citycards Global Mobile App

User generates a ticket for access to each attraction. The ticket is then shown to the vendor at the time of entrance.

The inspiration behind the app...

With more than 10 years’ experience in various roles throughout the travel industry, Citycards Global Director, Jay Ruparel, started the business because he wanted to develop a solution for the time-poor traveller who lacks the time to research a city, but still wishes to experience the best a city has to offer.Jay also wanted to provide travellers with the opportunity to experience some of the more “off the beaten track” restaurants and experiences that locals enjoy, along with the obvious tourist attractions.This one-stop-shop for all of Melbourne’s hidden gems and experiences is an exceptional opportunity for local businesses and tourism operators to gain more exposure to tourists.This essentially makes the city cards concept a win for all involved.

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Stamp Me's mobile app solution

CityCards Global Mobile App

City Cards Global approached Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions to build the mobile app that would be at the core of the business.The app needed to be efficient, reliable and user-friendly on all fronts.


  • Offline ticket and barcode generation

Automatically-generated tickets to attractions needed to be accessible offline, so that tourists with no internet access on their devices can still make impromptu decisions about which attractions to visit throughout the day.

  • Convenience for both the local businesses and the customer

Ticket redemption needed to be as convenient, straightforward and ultimately painless as possible for the business owners and their employees, as well as the traveller.

  • Real-time data collection of customers’ whereabouts and activity preferences

The mobile app needed location tracking capabilities so that travellers can receive real-time push notifications suggesting they visit nearby attractions in which they’re entitled to a discount or free ticket, or to send reminders about other attractions.For instance, if someone is walking around Darling Harbour in the afternoon, they will get a notification to visit the Blue Mountain's XYZ attraction the next day, along with a suggested itinerary, mode of transport, and other necessary details.

  • Administration access

The ability to add, edit and delete Offers through a back end system.“We had explored and consulted several mobile app developers, but found that Stamp Me had the clearest understanding of our idea for the product, what the app needed to be capable of doing, as well as the various functions and features that were required in order to make the app work for all involved parties.”

Jay RuparelCitycards Global Director


Citycards Global is a remarkably simple and convenient system, for both the customer and local tourism-based businesses. It simultaneously removes the need to carry paper tickets and physical cards around, while saving the customer valuable time on doing in-depth research on a city and what to do there.Since launching the app, Citycards Global is receiving rave reviews from customers who have used the app for their entire Melbourne itinerary – it’s proving to be a convenient solution for both customers and local businesses alike.Read the full Citycards Global case studyhere.

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